Observing Lent with the Anglican Breviary

Ash Wednesday is already behind us and so is the first Sunday of Lent. Anciently Ash Wednesday began right before Matins with the observance of the Gradual Psalms. Sadly these are not given as a devotion in the Anglican Breviary. Be that as it may these Gradual Psalms can easily be found as a The … More Observing Lent with the Anglican Breviary


Once upon a time … There was no fairytale. Not here, not now anyway. No. Instead there used to be Shrovetide and not merely Shrove Tuesday, the excesses of Carnaval and Mardi gras, and pancakes. Since the time of preparation (for baptism of catechumens and the celebration of the Lord’s Passion and Resurrection) is ahead … More Shrovetide