Made ready to hear (ii)

Receptivity to God I have described de Vogüé’s insight at some length because it seems to me that it is important to realize that “saying the Psalms” or Psalmody has two characteristics. It is our prayer to God, but it is so only because it is first word of God: Scripture. As word of God … More Made ready to hear (ii)

Excerpt from Fr.Mark Daniel Kirby on Psalmody

From the Vultus Christi blog Reciting or Chanting the Psalms The traditional Gregorian Psalm Tones, and the various simplified adaptations to the English text inspired by them, are faithful to the essential characteristics of the Hebrew parallelism reproduced in the Latin Psalters of the West. What are these characteristics? Each verse is formed of two … More Excerpt from Fr.Mark Daniel Kirby on Psalmody