Practical Guide to the Anglican Breviary (i)

The Anglican Breviary is the Divine Office according to the general usage of the Western Church, put into English in accordance with the Book of Common Prayer. The Divine Office is the regular recitation of the Psalms at specific moments of a (liturgical) day over a particular period of time (commonly a week or month). … More Practical Guide to the Anglican Breviary (i)

The purpose of worship

Lauren Pristas, writing about the collects contained in the Old and New Roman Missals, reminds us that “we are shaped by our worship” (Collects of the Roman Missals, location 186 Kindle edition). This is well-known it seems since I have heard it said and confirmed many times over by many different people. What I do not … More The purpose of worship

The chief problem

The chief problem of any Breviary is the Kalendar. Inasmuch as the Prayer-Book is based on a greatly simplified Kalendar, Anglican tradition may be said to favour those conservative Uses of the Breviary (such as the Monastic) which do not follow the Universal Kalendar in its entirety. This latter is the most inclusive, and therefore … More The chief problem

Preface of the Prayer Book & the Anglican Breviary

Preface to the Prayer Book The Book of Common Prayer (1662) contains a Preface beginning with the words: “It hath been the wisdom of the Church of England, …” and ending with the words: “… and truly conscientious Sons of the Church of England.” This portion is preceded by the title Preface and indeed it … More Preface of the Prayer Book & the Anglican Breviary

Supplement …

Beginning on page S1 of the Anglican Breviary we find a Supplement of Feasts for Certain Places. In it we are given the available propers to keep the Black Letter Days and other Feasts commonly kept by Anglicans in certain places. Today (March 2nd) is one such day. Today the Supplement directs our attention to … More Supplement …