Regarding good work

“Note here how much precaution you must observe with reference to good work. At the beginning of all your works see that you have light in you, so that all your works may be of light and not of darkness. Next, consider carefully whether your light is pure and not darkened; and when you have … More Regarding good work

Spiritual Examples

“Now all these things represent spiritual examples. Light is first created in the heart of the sinner, when he begins to recognize himself, so that he distinguishes between light and darkness, and begins to call light day, and darkness night, and is no longer of those of whom it is said: “Woe to them that … More Spiritual Examples

Science and Scripture

“Therefore, it is clear that all the natural arts serve divine science, and that the lower wisdom, rightly ordered, leads to the higher. Accordingly, under the sense of the significance of words in relation to things history is contained, which, as has been said, is served by three sciences: grammar, dialectic, and rhetoric. Under that … More Science and Scripture

The subject matter of Divine Scripture

“Whoever approaches the reading of the Divine Scriptures for instruction ought to consider first what the nature of the subject matter is with which their discourse is concerned: because if he has knowledge of those things about which Scripture is composed, he will more easily thereafter perceive the truth or profundity of its words. The … More The subject matter of Divine Scripture