Anglican & Roman Breviary: some differences

In past messages via this blog as well as other media, I have mentioned that the Anglican Breviary, though in general agreement (both liturgically and theologically) with the Roman Breviary nonetheless diverges at times from its Roman counterpart. An example of this is the following: Motherhood of Mary a feast added to the Kalendar in … More Anglican & Roman Breviary: some differences

On the Psalms (ii)

In a previous post I mentioned some of the features of the pre-Pius X matins and the matins of the Anglican Breviary. We have seen that the Anglican Breviary follows the reforms under Pope Pius X and reduces the load of Sunday psalms by half and that the ferial load throughout the week is reduced … More On the Psalms (ii)

Preface of the Prayer Book & the Anglican Breviary

Preface to the Prayer Book The Book of Common Prayer (1662) contains a Preface beginning with the words: “It hath been the wisdom of the Church of England, …” and ending with the words: “… and truly conscientious Sons of the Church of England.” This portion is preceded by the title Preface and indeed it … More Preface of the Prayer Book & the Anglican Breviary