Several times we have noticed that the patristic homilies encourage fasting. In a previous post, I have mentioned that the patristic authors, often themselves ascetics, enjoyed a very sparse diet. The Egyptian monks especially limiting themselves to bread and water (for the most part). Evagrius Ponticus, perhaps the greatest of the ascetical theologians to have … More Discernment

Meditation Praktikos: 6

The Eight Thoughts (logismoi) 6. THERE are eight generic [tempting-] thoughts(logismoi), that contain within themselves every[tempting-]thought: first is that of gluttony; and with it, sexual immorality; third, love of money; fourth, sadness; fifth, anger; sixth acedia; seventh, vainglory; eighth, pride. Whether these thoughts are able to disturb the soul or not is not up to us; but whether they linger or not, and whether they … More Meditation Praktikos: 6

Meditation: Praktikos 1-5

1. CHRISTIANITY is the teaching of our Savior Christ consisting of asctical practice, the [contemplation of] nature, and theology. For Evagrius Christianity is not a mere mental exercise. It is a tiered doctrine (or teaching) which consists of an practical element (abstaining from vices and acquiring virtues), the contemplation of nature (the meditation on the realm … More Meditation: Praktikos 1-5


Once upon a time … There was no fairytale. Not here, not now anyway. No. Instead there used to be Shrovetide and not merely Shrove Tuesday, the excesses of Carnaval and Mardi gras, and pancakes. Since the time of preparation (for baptism of catechumens and the celebration of the Lord’s Passion and Resurrection) is ahead … More Shrovetide