Levels of Being

Parmenides provided us a view of reality where there are only two choices: something either is or is not. In his view it makes no sense to speak of “levels of being” it is preposterous. Plato, however, recognizes an “in between” which is situated between is and is-not between Being and non-being. How is that possible one might … More Levels of Being

Sunday Trinity XV

Today is the XVth Sunday after Trinity or Trinity XV. As most Sundays Trinity XV is a Semidouble. The liturgical color is green. The Octave of the Nativity of the BVM is Simple so that nothing is said of the Octave (except on the Octave Day itself). The Universal Kalendar commemorates St. Gorgonius and in … More Sunday Trinity XV

Can a Form exist at a time it has no Instances?

In raising up our thought from the apprehension of the intelligible whatnesses that these things have, we ourselves are transcending temporality. Eric D. Perl, Thinking Being, p. 33. Sometimes an objection to forms is raised that askes this question. But to ask the question is to misunderstand what form is. The question is therefore unanswerable. Form … More Can a Form exist at a time it has no Instances?

Plato’s dualism (i)

Plato seems to be a good place to start investigating the platonic dualism that is presumed to have invaded christian theology. We shall start with “being as form.” Being as form I am assuming that most of us that have heard that “form” or “ideas” are basic to Plato’s philosophy. This is certainly true. But … More Plato’s dualism (i)