Ordo Lent II ~ 2017

II SUNDAY IN LENT March 12. At Matins: Inv & Hymn for Lent. Psalms & Antiphons as in the Psalter. Lessons from the Proper of the Season (C224-228). NO Te Deum. Nothing of St. Gregory. At Lauds: Psalms & Antiphons of Lauds 2. Chapter, Hymn, Antiphon on Benedictus from Proper of the Season. Commemoration St. Gregory (Antiphon, Versicle and … More Ordo Lent II ~ 2017

Work Schedule

Due to an increased and irregular work schedule I have not had time to write and double check Ordo’s. I hope to be able to produce one for next week. I will switch to the Simple Kalendar as it is less time consuming to write and double check. ~ Gregory +