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Gesima Sundays

The three Sundays before Lent begin with Septuagesima, continue with Sexgesima, and conclude with Quinquagesima. They each put us in orbit around the theme of Easter. Septuagesima places us 70 days away from Easter, Sexagesima, 60, and Quinquagesima 50 days. … Continue reading

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Catechism XXXII ~ Thoughts for Eastertide

by St. Gregory of Nyssa What other objection is alleged by our adversaries? This; that (to take the preferable view2014) it was altogether needless that that transcendent Being should submit to the experience of death, but He might independently of … Continue reading

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Several times we have noticed that the patristic homilies encourage fasting. In a previous post, I have mentioned that the patristic authors, often themselves ascetics, enjoyed a very sparse diet. The Egyptian monks especially limiting themselves to bread and water … Continue reading

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Sin & Salvation

One of the images/concepts of human salvation that is part of the older Christian tradition, and has been continually popular in Eastern Christianity, is the image of salvation as healing. Christ is our Physician, and he cleans and heals our … Continue reading

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