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Christmas Day in the Anglican Breviary

In several discussions concerning the Anglican Breviary I have heard it said that it basically a faithful – if not literal – translation of the Roman Breviary as reformed under St. Pius X. In fact that is how I was … Continue reading

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On Cranmer’s Advent Collects (i)

The Reformation really happened … also in England I will admit that I have always (and especially) disliked Cranmer’s second collect for Advent. I dislike (and disapprove) of almost all of his liturgical creativity. Cranmer’s creativity is steeped in Protestantism and … Continue reading

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Several times we have noticed that the patristic homilies encourage fasting. In a previous post, I have mentioned that the patristic authors, often themselves ascetics, enjoyed a very sparse diet. The Egyptian monks especially limiting themselves to bread and water … Continue reading

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Matins Readings in Trinitytide

Ordered Readings It will not have escaped the users of the Anglican Breviary that there is an order to the Scripture readings for Matins. The cycle of readings begins by following the cycle of the life, death, and resurrection of … Continue reading

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Paschal Foundation

It is often asserted that the Christian Faith is founded on two pillars: Trinity Incarnation On the face of it this assertion seems quite plausible. After all … The dogmas of Trinity and Incarnation seem to conveniently encapsulate the entirety … Continue reading

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Spiritual Examples

“Now all these things represent spiritual examples. Light is first created in the heart of the sinner, when he begins to recognize himself, so that he distinguishes between light and darkness, and begins to call light day, and darkness night, … Continue reading

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The sacrament of the divine works

“I think that here a great sacrament is commended, because every soul, as long as it is in sin, is in a kind of darkness and confusion. But it can not emerge from its confusion and be disposed to the … Continue reading

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