Its been a while since …

… I last paid any attention to this blog.

There is a reason for this. The past year or so I have been working with and on the Breviary as used and published by the Society of St. Margaret during the latter part of the 19th Century. This Breviary was, in substance, given to them by their founder: St. John Mason Neale.

This old Breviary dates from before the reforms of St. Pius X and as such it is different from though not alien to the Anglican Breviary. The distribution of the Psalms follows that of the Sarum Breviary. It therefore closely resembles the Psalter as we find it in Bute’s translation of the Roman Breviary which predates the reforms of St. Pius X. The “Neale Breviary” differs from Bute in that not all of the reforms adopted at Trent are adopted. This is especially evident in the Psalms given for Prime in Bute and Neale.

The Neale Breviary is, as it were, an ancestor to the Anglican Breviary, but has sadly fallen into oblivion. For many months now I have contemplated the idea of bringing this Breviary back. There are a few difficulties that need to be faced. The first issue would be which edition should be used and secondly what about the changes in the Kalendar that have taken place in the past 100 years plus?

I will continue to work on this and begin posting updates on any progress on this blog.

Fr. Gregory Wassen

3 thoughts on “Its been a while since …

  1. Father, I own the 1914 edition of this breviary, so I would be very much interested in your updates. I understand that there was a supplement produced at one point containing proper offices for Christ the King, etc., but I have never been able to find it.

  2. This posting is quite old by now, but I would be very interested in assisting with this project and would be more than happy to contribute my time, money, etc.


    1. Dear Father Corey, I have been considering this idea for a while. Maybe we could exchange some ideas via email?

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