Later Editions of Neale’s Breviary

As St. John Mason Neale died before he could complete his efforts at compiling a Breviary for the Order of St. Margaret, his friends continued his work using Neale’s notes. As they worked with these notes and published the results of their study and work, they become increasingly aware that they had made some mistakes in where Neale was actually going with his works on the Breviary and so his friends incorporated their latest insights in further publications. This explains the difference between the volumes that were supposed to match.

This means that the use of Neale’s work, if you are so inclined, might begin by looking at the latest publications and using the “older” ones to conform with the more recent. The following PDF’s are the Offices of Matins (including the Proper of the Season, but not the Proper of the Saints) and the Day Hours (Lauds to Compline) in the latest publication date I am aware off. To use them one would still need to consult the Volume 3 in the previous post in order to complete the Office of Matins.

Matins Volumes 1 & 2: Breviary_Offices_Vol_1_and-2

Matins Volume 3: The_night_hours_of_the_Church_Vol_3

Diurnal Volume: Breviary_Offices_from_Lauds_to_Compline_second_edition

Please do enjoy !

Fr. Gregory Wassen


About Father Gregory

I am an Anglican Catholic Priest, currently residing in Orvelte, the Netherlands.
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