Ordo Feb. 22 -25


February 22.

For this Feast the propers are used as on January 18th unless otherwise indicated for today (E101-103) what is not given as proper is taken from Common 7. 

St. Peter’s Chair at Antioch, Gd. White. At Matins: III Nocturns. All as for the Feast. At Lauds: All as for the Feast, Pss of Sunday (scheme 1). At Prime: all as for the Feast. At the Hours: All as for the Feast. At Mass: Statuit, as on January 18th without commem. of St. Prisca. II Vespers: all as for the Feast, w/commem. of St. Peter Damian (Table 8a).  At Compline of Sunday,no Preces.


February 23.

Rule 1.

St. Peter Damian. D. White. At Matins: all as in the Ordinary & Psalter except: Inv. & Hymn from Common 8. Te Deum. At Lauds: from chapter of the Feast using common 8. No Preces, Psalm from scheme 1. At Prime: from chapter of the feast, ferial Psalms, no Preces. At the Little Hours: from the chapter of the Feast, ferial Psalms. At Vespers: of St. Matthias using Common 2 for what is not given as Proper. At Compline: as for Sunday, no Preces.


February 24.

St. Matthias. Ap. D. II Class. At Matins:  III Nocturns. All as for the Feast using Common 2 for what is lacking in the Proper. Te Deum. At Lauds: all as for the Feast, Psalms of Sunday (scheme 1), No Preces. Prime & Hours: all as for the Feast. No Preces. Vespers: 2nd Vespers of St. Matthias. At Compline: as for Sunday, no Preces.


February 25.

Sabbath Office of Our Lady – S. White. At Matins: All as in the Psalter & Ordinary, lessons i-ii from occurrent Scripture, Lesson iii for February in the Proper of Our Lady on the Sabbath. Te Deum. At Lauds: all as in the Psalter (LAUDS 1) & Ordinary except what is proper for the Season (p. C186), Preces are NOT said, Collect from previous Sunday, Common Commem. is said. At Prime and the Hours: from the chapter of the Feast, at Prime Dom. Preces are said. At Mass: Salve, sancta Parens, Gloria, 1st Oration of St. Mary on Sabbath, 2nd Oration of the Holy Spirit, 3rd Oration for the Church, no Creed, Preface of the BVM, Depart in Peace. Vespers: all as in the Ordinary & Psalter, except what is given as proper of the Season (QUINQUAGESIMA SUNDAY) p. C197, Collect from Sunday at Lauds.  At Compline: of the Feria, Dom. Preces are said.


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I am an Anglican Catholic Priest, currently residing in Orvelte, the Netherlands.
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