Ordo 20 to 26 November 2016


November, 20.

Sunday. Green. Sd.  Matins: Inv. Hymn from Ordinary & Psalter. Pss. Ants. V. from Psalter. Less. i-iii occurrent Scripture, iv-vi Fifth Sunday in Nov., vii-ix Sunday next bfr Advent. Te Deum. Lauds: all as in Ordinary & Psalter w/commem. of St. Felix (Table 9, Collect from Proper). No Preces, no Suffrage. Prime: no Preces. Mass: Dicit Dominus Jer. 29., Gloria, second Collect of St. Felix, third Collect of the Saints. Vespers (green) Sunday next bfr Advent, w/commem. of The Presentation of the BVM (Ant. V./R. Collect from Proper). No Suffrage, no Preces. Compline: of Sunday, no Preces.

The Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary

November, 21.

Feria II (Monday). White. Gd. Matins: Inv. Hymn. Pss. Ants. V. from Common I of BVM. Less. i-iii from Common I of BVM, iv-vi from Proper, vii-ix from Common I of BVM. Te Deum. Lauds: all as for the Feast using Common I of BVM for what is lacking in Proper. No Preces, no Suffrage. Prime: no Preces, Brief Respond: “Thou that deignest.” Mass: Salve, sancta parens (Mass V of Masses of St. Mary on Saturday) Gloria, Proper Collect. Vespers: from Common I of BVM 2nd Vespers (white) w/commem. of St. Cecilia (Ant. V./R. Collect from Proper). Compline: of Monday, no Preces.

St. Cecilia, V.M.

November, 22.

Feria III (Tuesday). Red. D. Matins: Inv. Hymn. Pss. from Common 12. Ants. from Proper. Less. i-iii Common 12, Resp. from Proper, iv-vi from Proper, vii-ix Common 12, Resp. from Proper. Te Deum. Lauds: all as for the feast. Pss of Sunday. Ants. V./R. Ant. Ben. Collect from Proper. Chapter. Hymn from Common 12. Prime: Pss. Ants. are ferial. at Hours Chapters & Resp. from Common 12. Mass: Loquebar, Gloria, Proper Collect. Vespers: Pss. from Common I of BVM. Ants. from Lauds above. from Chapter of St. Clement, V./R. Ant on Magn. from Proper, w/commem. of St. Cecilia (as on p. E555), followed by a commem. of St. Felicity (Table 13a. Proper Collect). Compline: of Tuesday, no Preces.

St. Clement, P.M.

November, 23.

Feria IV (Wednesday). Red. D. Matins: Inv. Hymn. from Common 5. Pss. Ants. ferial. Less. i-iii occurrent Scripture, iv-vi from Proper, vii-viii Common 7 series 3, ix of St. Felicity. Te Deum. Lauds: Pss of Sunday. Ants. from Proper. Chapter & Hymn from Common 5. V./R. Ant. Ben. Collect from Proper w/commem. of St. Felicity (Table 13b). Prime: Pss. Ants. ferial. No Preces. Mass: Dicit Dominus Ex. Is. 59 & 57. Gloria, Proper Collect. Vespers: Pss. of Vespers 2. Ants. from Lauds above. from Chapter onward of St. John of the Cross, Chap. Hymn. V./R. from 8 w/commem. of St. Clement (as on p. E558), followed by commem. of St. Chrysogonus (Table 5a, Collect from Proper). Compline: of Wednesday. No Preces.

To be completed …


About Father Gregory

I am an Anglican Catholic Priest, currently residing in Orvelte, the Netherlands.
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2 Responses to Ordo 20 to 26 November 2016

  1. setsuwa says:

    Don’t forget that there will have to be some scripture reassignment because of the Presentation and St. Cecilia. I think on Wed (23rd) we have to read lesson 1 from Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

  2. Father Gregory says:

    That’s right. The occurrent Scripture readings for Wednesday 23rd are the beginnings of Nahum (lesson i), Habakkuk (lesson ii), Zephanaiah (lesson iii).

    Thank you for stopping by and commenting!

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