Ordo Oct. 30 – Nov. 3

TRINITY XXIII, Sunday October 30, sd.

All as in the Ordinary & Psalter except:

Matins: IX Lessons: Nocturn I: Ezekiel. Nocturn II: St. Gregory the Pope. Nocturn III: Trinity XXIII (Matthew 22. 15 & St. Hilary). Te Deum.

Lauds: Ant. on Ben. & Collect p. C699. Common Commem. is said (p. A6).

Prime: Quicunque vult (Athanasian Creed) is said, Dominical Preces are said.

Hours: Collect: Trinity XXIII.

Vespers: Ant. Magn. & Collect p. C699. Common Commem. is said.

Compline: of Sunday.

VIGIL OF ALL SAINTS, Monday October 31 (All Hallows Eve or Halloween)

The Vigil Office begins at Matins and ends with None. All as in the Ordinary & Psalter except:

Matins: the Office is of the feria. Lessons are the Gospel & Homily from Common 6, series 2 (p. F65-66) with the Responses as given on p. E494.

Lauds: Pss. of Lauds 2. Preces are said, no Common Commem., Collect as given in the Proper of the Saints (p. E494).

Prime: Ferial Preces are said.

Hours: Preces are said kneeling. Collect as in the Proper of the Saints (p. E494).

Mass of the Vigil follows None. 

Vespers: All as for the Feast of All Saints. Pss of Vespers 3 with Antiphons from Lauds rest as in the Proper of the Saints (E495). No Common Commem., no Preces.

Ancient Collect: ALMIGHTY everlasting God, by whose favour we venerate the merits of all thy Saints in one solemnity: we beseech thee to bestow upon us, through so many intercessors, the abundance of thy mercy which we desire. Through. … 

The Collect given in the Book of Common Prayer, thoug not without its own merits, removes the emphasis of the “veneration”  of all the saints. The BCP Collect does not in itself contain objectionable content. It is the act of removal of the ancient collect and the insertion of the BCP collect which is objectionable.  This act of liturgical vandalism implies the Reformation error with regard to the Saints and their veneration. Reformation doctrine denies such veneration and to that extent constitutes a departure from Christian faith and doctrine. I have therefore provided the ancient collect as it is found in Anglo Catholic sources such as the Benedictine Office, the American Missal, and the English Missal (Missale Anglicanum). 

Compline: of Sunday.

THE FEAST OF ALL SAINTS, Double of the I Class with a Common Octave, Tuesday November 1.

All a for the Feast from the Proper of the Saints.

Matins: IX Lessons. All as in the Proper (p. E496-504). Te Deum.

Lauds: Pss. of Sunday. Rest as in the Proper of the Saints (E504-505).

Prime: as for Prime I with Brief Lesson from None.

Hours: Pss. of Sunday & Collect of the Feast.

II Vespers: Pss of Vespers 2 & Antiphons from Lauds. Rest as for the Feast. Ant. on Magn. as for II Vespers. No Common Commem., no Preces. This Vespers ends with “Thanks be to God” upon which the Vespers for the Dead is immediately begun.

Vespers for the Dead (p. H1-H8): This Vespers follows immediately on II Vespers of the Feast. It begins with the first antiphon without any opening versicles. This Vespers has double rank.

ALL SOULS DAY or the Commemoration of all the Faithful Departed, double. Wednesday November 3.

All as in the Proper of the Saints (p. E506-418).

The Office is quite differet from how it is normally said. Many features of Vespers, Matins, and Lauds are leftovers of very early stages in the evolution of the Office. In saying the Office today it is important to take note of the rubrics (given in red) for each Office to make sure you are following the correct form and procedures. This Office is now a complete daily cycle due to the reforms of St. Pius X.

Vespers: follows the Mass. Is said as the first Vespers of All Saints but as a semidouble.


About Father Gregory

I am an Anglican Catholic Priest, currently residing in Orvelte, the Netherlands.
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