St. Alban Protomartyr of Britain

Breviary Ordo:

At Matins ix Lessons. Psalms & Antiphons from the feria but doubled. Ferial Scripture is read in 1st Nocturn. Legend is read in 2nd Nocturn. Common 5 series 1 is read as Gospel & Homily in 3rd Nocturn. Other Hours from Chapter of the Feast using Common 5.

Scripture Reading:

II Samuel 6 (LXX II Kings 6)

David’s first concern is to bring the Ark of the Covenant to Zion.

Patristic Reading:

St. Athanasius Against the Heathen Part 1. Chapter 1. Vs. 5-7.

5. For if after the Cross all idolatry was overthrown, while every manifestation of demons is driven away by this Sign , and Christ alone is worshipped and the Father known through Him, and, while gainsayers are put to shame, He daily invisibly wins over the souls of these gainsayers —how, one might fairly ask them, is it still open to us to regard the matter as human, instead of confessing that He Who ascended the Cross is Word of God and Saviour of the World? But these men seem to me quite as bad as one who should traduce the sun when covered by clouds, while yet wondering at his light, seeing how the whole of creation is illumined by him. 6. For as the light is noble, and the sun, the chief cause of light, is nobler still, so, as it is a divine thing for the whole world to be filled with his knowledge, it follows that the orderer and chief cause of such an achievement is God and the Word of God. 7. We speak then as lies within our power, first refuting the ignorance of the unbelieving; so that what is false being refuted, the truth may then shine forth of itself, and that you yourself, friend, may be reassured that you have believed what is true, and in coming to know Christ have not been deceived. Moreover, I think it becoming to discourse to you, as a lover of Christ, about Christ, since I am sure that you rate faith in and knowledge of Him above anything else whatsoever.

The effects of the Cross are the destruction of idolatry and the establishment of the worship of Jesus Christ by which the Father is known. There is no other path to the Father but the worship of His Son. Because of the great power of the Cross as manifest in our lives it is not possible to deny that He who underwent the suffering of the Cross is anything other than the very Word and Son of God! Athanasius is writing this treatise to confirm his reader in this Christian Faith.

Fr. Gregory Wassen



About Father Gregory

I am an Anglican Catholic Priest, currently residing in Orvelte, the Netherlands.
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