Third Feria in the 4th Wk after Trinity

Breviary Ordo:

All Hours of the feria (Tuesday), except for Vespers. From Vespers the Office is of St. Alban the First Martyr of Britain w/ commem. of St. Paulinus.

Scripture Reading:

II Samuel 5 (LXX = II Kings 5)

After Abner’s reconciliation and subsequent murder, David becomes king of all 12 tribes.

Patristic Reading:

St. Athanasius Against the Heathen Part 1. Chapter 1. Vs. 1-5.

1. The knowledge of our religion and of the truth of things is independently manifest rather than in need of human teachers, for almost day by day it asserts itself by facts, and manifests itself brighter than the sun by the doctrine of Christ. 2. Still, as you nevertheless desire to hear about it, Macarius , come let us as we may be able set forth a few points of the faith of Christ: able though you are to find it out from the divine oracles, but yet generously desiring to hear from others as well. 3. For although the sacred and inspired Scriptures are sufficient to declare the truth—while there are other works of our blessed teachers compiled for this purpose, if he meet with which a man will gain some knowledge of the interpretation of the Scriptures, and be able to learn what he wishes to know—still, as we have not at present in our hands the compositions of our teachers, we must communicate in writing to you what we learned from them—the faith, namely, of Christ the Saviour; lest any should hold cheap the doctrine taught among us, or think faith. in Christ unreasonable. For this is what the Gentiles traduce and scoff at, and laugh loudly at us, insisting on the one fact of the Cross of Christ; and it is just here that one must pity their want of sense, because when they traduce the Cross of Christ they do not see that its power has filled all the world, and that by it the effects of the knowledge of God are made manifest to all. 4. For they would not have scoffed at such a fact, had they, too, been men who genuinely gave heed to His divine Nature. On the contrary, they in their turn would have recognised this man as Saviour of the world, and that the Cross has been not a disaster, but a healing of Creation.

Scripture is the foundation of all that is to be learned about the Christian faith, yet we have teachers who have interpreted the Scriptures authoritatively and we learn our Scripture from them. The foremost truth of Christianity concerns the Passion of Jesus Christ: the Cross. The double work Against the Heathen – On the Incarnation is an apology of the Cross of Jesus Christ.

~ Fr. Gregory Wassen


About Father Gregory

I am an Anglican Catholic Priest, currently residing in Orvelte, the Netherlands.
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