Second Week in Lent

SECOND SUNDAY IN LENT – February 21, semi double, 1st class.

Matins: ix lessons. Inv & Hymn of Lent, Pss of Sunday, Ants as in the Psalter. Lessons: Genesis / St. Augustine / Matthew 15,21 & St. John Chrysostom.

Lauds: Ants from C228. Pss from Sunday (Lauds II). Chapter from Proper Hymn as in the Ordinary for Lent. Ant on Ben & Collect from Sunday (C228).

Vespers:  Ants & Pss from the Psalter, Chapter from Lauds, Hymn from Ordinary as for Lent, Ant. on Magn. from Proper (C228), Collect for Sunday w/commem. of St. Peter’s Chair at Antioch (Ant. V/R & Collect from p. E49) & commem of St. Paul (also from p. E49).

MONDAY – February 22 – ST. PETER’S CHAIR AT ANTIOCH, greater double.

 Matins: ix Lessons. All as on p. E48 and following (using Common 7 for what is not given as proper, also nothing is said of St. Prisca). Inv. & Hymn for the Feast (E49). Pss. from Common 7. Lessons: St. Peter / St. Augustine (E101-2) / Matt. 16. 13 & St. Leo (E102-3). Lesson ix is from the feria (combining Incipit & 3 following lessons into one from p. C229-30). Te Deum.

Lauds: Pss., Ants., & Chapter from Common 7. Hymn, V/R, Ant. Ben. from E52. Collect & commem of St. Paul p. E49, followed by commem. of Feria (C230 & A22).

Vespers: Pss, Ants & Chapter from Common 7. Hymn (E48-9), V/R, Ant. Magn. (E53) from Proper. Collect & Commem. of St. Paul as on p. E49, followed by commem. of St. Peter Damian (Table 8a, Collect Proper), followed by a commem. of the Feria (C230 & A42).

TUESDAY – February 23 – St. Peter Damian, double. 

Matins: by Rule 2 (p. xlv-xlii). In & Hymn from Common 8. Pss & Ants from the Psalter. Lessons: i (i-iii from Common 8 as one), ii (legend E103-4), iii (C230-1). Te Deum.

Lauds: Pss & Ants from Feria (scheme 1). From chapter onward of the Feast (using Common 8) Collect from the Proper & commem. of the Feria (C231).

Vespers: All as in Common 2 (I Vespers), Collect Proper (E104) w/commem of St. Peter Damian (Table 8c) followed by commem of the Feria (C231).

WEDNESDAY – February 24 

Matins: iii Lessons. Inv & Hymn as for Lent. Pss & Ants as in the Psalter. Lessons: Matthew 20. 17 & St. Ambrose.


To be continued.


About Father Gregory

I am an Anglican Catholic Priest, currently residing in Orvelte, the Netherlands.
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