Christmas reading

Christmas Wood Cut

Dearly beloved: Unto us is born this day a Saviour. Therefore let us rejoice. Sadness should find no place amongst those who celebrate the birthday of Life. For as of this day Life came unto us dying creatures, to take away the sting of death, and to bring the bright promise of joy eternal. And no one is excluded from sharing in this our gladness. For all mankind hath one and the same cause thereof, to wit, that our Lord, the Destroyer of sin and death, because he findeth no one free from condemnation, is come to set everyone free. Rejoice, O saint, for thou drawest nearer thy crown! Rejoice, O sinner, for thy Saviour offereth thee pardon! Rejoice, O Jew, for Messias is come! Rejoice, O Gentile, for God calleth thee to life! Now is come the fulness of the time, fixed by the unsearchable counsel of God, when the Son of Godtook upon him the nature of man, that he might reconcile it to its Maker. Now is come the time when the devil, the inventor of death, is met and beaten in that very flesh which hath been the field of his victory.

~ Anglican Breviary, Lesson iv for The Nativity of Our Lord (p. C54).



About Father Gregory

I am an Anglican Catholic Priest, currently residing in Orvelte, the Netherlands.
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