Antiphons in Advent

(I realize this is much too late for this year – 2015 –  but I am putting it up so I can group it with other Advent stuff for the next year)

The Anglican Breviary contains antiphons peculiar to Advent for Matins, Lauds, and Vespers. The Matins antiphons are indicated in the Psalter and easy to find/use. For Sundays (in Advent) Lauds will also have proper antiphons. These antiphons are used for Vespers and Lauds for the Sunday (beginning with I Vespers). These antiphons are always used unless a double feast occurs (such as St. Thomas) in which case the O Antiphon is treated like the ferial antiphon to commemorate the Feria.

There are also the famous “O Antiphons” found on p. C26-C27. They are said entire before and after the Magnificat even though they are ferial. The old English tradition begins these antiphons on December 16th (and counts one more antiphon than the Roman tradition) and the Roman tradition begins them on December 17th.

There are also five sets of Antiphons for “Lauds and the Hours for Ferias occurring on or between December 23d.” (see p. C27-29). Again the Anglican Breviary instructs they begin “on whatever day of the week it may happen to be” (p. C27) the 16th of December. The Roman tradition begins them on the 17th rather than the 16th. There are only five sets given because these antiphons are not favoured over the either the antiphons for St. Thomas nor the Sunday. Additionally there are antiphons given for the Benedictus to be used the 21st and 23d of December.



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I am an Anglican Catholic Priest, currently residing in Orvelte, the Netherlands.
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