More on a Simple Octave …

Some peculiar features of Simple Octaves to be kept in mind:

In an Office of Semidouble or Simple Rite that occurs during a Simple Octave, the Suffrage of the Saints and the Prayers at Prime and Compline are not omitted; but they are omitted on the day itself of the Simple Octave, if its Office is said or at least commemorated.

The conclusion of the Hymns and the Versicle at Prime that are Proper in an Office of a Simple Octave are said from the First Vespers until None on the Octave Day, even if that day is only commemorated in a more noble Office; but they are not recited during the Octave.

Matters Liturgical, 473, 1-2 (p. 302).

For the Octave of the Nativity of the BVM in the Anglican Breviary this means that the Octave is not commemorated during the Octave, is not celebrated on its Octave Day, nor is it even commemorated on its Octave Day (due to the Feast of the Seven Sorrows of the BVM). For all intents and purposes this Octave may as well not exist since its presence is is not at all discerned in the Office at any time. It seems to me that perhaps an Octave should at least always have commemoration at Lauds and Vespers. An exception to this is when the Simple Kalendar of the Anglican Breviary is followed. The Simple Kalendar does not include the Feast of the Seven Sorrows on September 15th and therefore the Anglican Breviary provides a way to celebrate the Octave Day (p. E411-2).

More on the upcoming Feast here: Catholic Encyclopedia.

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