Completed Psalter Distribution

The series concerning the traditional distribution of the Psalter is now complete. I will now proof-read all the posts and link all of them together on one page for convenience. On that page I will also include pdf files of the same.

The traditional distribution I have used in this series was not based on Sarum but rather on the distribution as it was given at Trent. This distribution of the Psalter is near identical with how it was before Trent but it does have differences when compared to Sarum. Though this blog deals with the Anglican Breviary and the expectation might be that Sarum ought to be the ultimate resource I am not convinced that is necessarily the case. The Anglican Breviary and Missal are mostly modeled on the post-Tridentine Roman Rite and it makes sense (to me at least) to look at precisely that form of the Roman Rite to undo the destruction of the traditional Psalter performed under St. Pius X.

In addition to this I will also provide an abbreviated way of using the traditional distribution of the Psalms inspired by the work of the late Prof. Laszlo Dobszay (The Restoration and Organic Development of the Roman Rite.). The latter has worked hard to preserve the traditional Roman Office intact while also using the principally intact Roman Office as the basis for abbreviation so that shorter versions of the Office are still oriented toward their original and are versions of it rather than the destruction of it.

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About Father Gregory

I am an Anglican Catholic Priest, currently residing in Orvelte, the Netherlands.
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2 Responses to Completed Psalter Distribution

  1. Charles Smith says:

    Father, I know we are approaching Advent and a busy time for a priest, but, I wondered if you had completed the single page that links all the psalms in the Anglican Breviary?

    Charles Smith
    Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary

    • Father Gregory says:

      Hi Charles, I intended to put them all together in a pdf or something. However … at the moment me and my family are living in a single hotel room while we wait for our home to become available. We are in the process of moving to St. Neots, UK. I have found employment here so … It will be a little while bfr I can get back to my blog! 🙂

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