The Psalm Distribution Series (ii)

Having completed the weekly course of the Psalms of the ancient Roman Rite using the Anglican Breviary, we must also look at the Psalms of the other Hours of the day. The restoring of the traditional distribution will have an effect on the other Hours of the day simply because the reforms of St. Pius X spread many of the Matins & Lauds Psalms over the different Hours of the day. Thus from 1911 onward the “Little Hours” each had their own Psalms rather than Psalm 119 spread over the several Hours. Compline also received its own Psalms depending on the day of the week. Restoring the Psalter at Matins and Lauds can only be done if we also restore the traditional distribution of Psalms at the other Hours. Unless, of course, one would happy praying the Divine Office in an entirely chaotic kind of way.

I will continue this series with the Psalter Distribution for Vespers and once that has been completed I will also add the Little Hours to the series.

Gregory Wassen +


About Father Gregory

I am an Anglican Catholic Priest, currently residing in Orvelte, the Netherlands.
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2 Responses to The Psalm Distribution Series (ii)

  1. Charles Smith says:

    You’ve put in a great deal of work, Father. It’s much appreciated by the lay people who see this effort.

    • Father Gregory says:

      Hi Charles!

      Thank you for your comment.

      I have contemplated doing this for some time now. I really think it is a shame that Anglo Catholic liturgics has tended to follow Rome in its poor liturgical decisions and is rather slow in following Rome in returning to sanity 😉

      I am – on the whole – quite content with the various Missals in use among us, but (as you know) I am much less happy with the state of chaos and disintegration that the Divine Office is in. Several good attempts have been made restore the Divine Office but the majority of Anglican clergy and laity seem to not care enough about the Divine Office to see that the Reformation mutilated it as badly as it had mutilated the Mass.

      I am not advocating the Anglican Breviary is the only way to restore this problem, just that it is one very feasible way of doing so. It is a lonely existence to stick with this position but hopefully it will be worth it at the end! Its in God’s hands as far as I am concerned. I am merely trying to be consistently “tradtional.”

      Sometimes clergy can be the most difficult to deal with tho. The BCP has utterly destroyed the sense of the “givenness” of the Liturgy. There is still a strong sense of the “givenness” of the Bible (tho that too has been severely damaged by liberal approaches to scripture). Liturgy, like Scripture, is a “given” which re-creates us in God’s image but the radical reforms (re-creation really) of the liturgy has given the impression that it is us who create Liturgy rather than that liturgy creates (re-creates) us. It is ultimately – as I see it – an issue of idolatry of self versus worship of God. No-one has the authority to recreate liturgy (not a Priest, Bishop, Pope or council of laymen) just as no-one has the authority to re-write (re-create) the Bible. I do not have many liturgical friends in Rome or in Anglo/Anglican Catholic circles …. 😉

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