Regarding good work

“Note here how much precaution you must observe with reference to good work. At the beginning of all your works see that you have light in you, so that all your works may be of light and not of darkness. Next, consider carefully whether your light is pure and not darkened; and when you have found that it is good, then finally divide it from darkness, and call the light day, and the darkness night. Then, in the case of your other works which you do in the light, see if these also are good; and do not let any work at all go by without judgment until you know all that you have done. Thus judgment is twofold: the first judgment is that in which light is judged and seen whether it is good, so that it may be divided from darkness; the second judgment is when the works themselves which are done in light are called to judgment, and it is seen that they are also good. And thus at last God rests.”

¬ Hugh of St. Victor, De Sacramentis, Bk. One, Chap. XIV.

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