Monastic Office Ordo for October 3 – 2014

Ordo October 3 – 2014

Andrewes Monastic Matins Breviary (MBM):

Feria. Inv & Hymn p. 2 & 61. I Nocturn: Pss & Ants as for Friday (use Ps. 93 and omit 76). Absolution, Blessing, Short Lesson on p. 78 (Wisdom 1. 6-7..) w/ Short Response as given. II Nocurn: Pss & Ants as for Friday, Lesson “Throughout the Year (1 Cor. 16. 13-14.)” w/ short response and versicle on p. 39. Collect from previous Sunday (p. 656, “Keep, we beseech”).

Andrewes Monastic Diurnal (MD):

Lauds & Hours: ferial. Pss & Ants as in the Psalter for Friday w/ ferial Canticle “The Song of Habakuk” (p. 67-73). Collect from last Sunday (p. 436-7, XV Trinity). Commem. Of St. Theresa (Ant “The kingdom” V/R “Full of grace” p. 4* Collect: “O Lord” p. 616. Suffrage of All Saints is said at Lauds (p. 42-43). Salve Regina for the Season (p. 155-56).

Vespers: St. Francis of Assisi. All as in the Psalter from Chapter of the feast using Common of a Confessor not a Bishop (p. 41* – ) Collect p. 616.  Salve Regina as usual.


About Father Gregory

I am an Anglican Catholic Priest, currently residing in Orvelte, the Netherlands.
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2 Responses to Monastic Office Ordo for October 3 – 2014

  1. The daily ordo for BOTH the AB and Benedictine brevaries! Father, I am astonished…and elated. Though I have prayed both, from their inception, and used the Monastic Breviary with preference, I find your posts extrememly helpful: the rubrics for either book can occasionally be daunting. It is reassuring beyond words to have you as a touchstone –and often as authority. Many, many thanks. As a Continuing Anglican struggling to lead a life of prayer outside parochial systems and with my Bishop’s blessing (now some 15 yrs!–hard to believe) you also are an encouragement from one of very few contacts. Many, many thanks again. And may the good Lord bless and keep you this day and always. Ron+

  2. Father Gregory says:

    Thank you Father for your kind and generous remarks! I am very much encouraged by them. I often wonder if these posts mean anything to anyone. I am glad to hear they do. Btw where are you in Canada? Are you ACC? Shoot me an e-mail at

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