Simultaneous Creation

But not even this, in my opinion, will be absurd, if we believe that there was one and the same moment of time at which in the beginning both the matter of visible and corporeal things and the essence of the invisible things in the angelic nature were created simultaneously; and that this is what Scripture means when it says that all things were created simultaneously, as we have said above: “He that liveth for ever created all things together,” (Eccl. 18,1.), because at the same moment both the matter of visible things and the nature of invisible things were created simultaneously in essence; and nothing was made afterwards of which either the matter as in bodies or the likeness as in spirits did not precede in this first beginning. For even if new souls are still created daily, yet no new creature is made, because its likeness preceded already in the angelic spirits at the time when they were created.

¬ Hugh of St. Victor, De Sacramentis, Book I, Part One, par. V.

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