Monastic Office Ordo October 2 – 2014

Matins: of the feast. Inv & Hymn from p. 995. I Nocturn Pss & Ants p. 996.  Lessons: Exodus/Zecharaiah, i-iv p. 996-7 w/Responses as given. II Nocturn: Pss & Ants p. 997-8. Lessons: Bernard, v-viii p. 998-9 w/Responses as given. III Nocturn: Canticles p. 17 Ant p. 999. Lessons: Hilary ix-xii p. 999-1001. Te Deum. Gospel: Matthew p. 1001. Collect: “O God,…” p. 1001.  If Lauds does not follow immediately Salve Regina p. 96.

Lauds: Pss of Sunday Ants, Chapterm Hymn, Ant. Ben. & Collect p. 614. Salve Regina p. 155. At Hours Pss for the day (Thursday) Ants from Lauds.

Vespers: Pss of Sunday except the last which is Ps. 138 as for St. Michael on p. 611. Ants, Chapter from Lauds Ant. Magn from II Vespers (p. 616) rest as for I Vespers. Commemoration of St. Therese of Liseux (Ant “Come thou” V/R “In thy grace” p. 4* Collect “O Lord” p. 616. Salve Regina p. 155.


About Father Gregory

I am an Anglican Catholic Priest, currently residing in Orvelte, the Netherlands.
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