Ordo 19 September


St. Theodore of Canterbury, Lesser Double.

Matins: I Nocturn. Inv. & Hymn (Common 7, p. F68). Pss. of Friday (B). Lesson I: Common 7 (Tim. 3. 1. + Titus 1. 7. + Titus 2.1.), Lesson II: Legend (E430-1), Lesson III: Gospel & Homily (C592-3). Te Deum.

Lauds: Pss. of Lauds 1. (p. B132-135) Chapter, Hymn, Ant. Magn. from Common 7. Collect from E430 (“Grant we beseech”) Commem. of Ember Friday (Ant. “A woman” V/R “O satisfy” Collect “Grant, we beseech, thee, Almighty God: that we, who” p. C593) followed by Salve Regina (p. A9-10).

Little Hours: As in the Psalter & Ordinary. From Chapter of the feast (Common 7).

Vespers: for St. Theodore of Canterbury. Pss & Ants as in Psalter. From Chapter onward of the Feast using Common 7. Collect: “Grant, we beseech” (p. E430). No Preces and no Common commem. Salve Regina is said.


About Father Gregory

I am an Anglican Catholic Priest, currently residing in Orvelte, the Netherlands.
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One Response to Ordo 19 September

  1. It is difficult to not exaggerate sounding incredibly thankful for these ORDO’s. That is, of course, because we are incredibly thankful.

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