Prayer does not bring God to us …


Prayer does not bring God or the divine presence to us. We have seen already that the liturgy’s fundamental definition of prayer is Christ the High Priest’s self-sacrifice which he pleads eternally before the Father for our sake. Rather, therefore, through prayer are we moved to enter the divine conspection. We, by uttering God’s name are moved to the blessing presence in which the name can be heard: this is what liturgy as performance and performative does. Most of all: by virtue of our having been moved by God’s having opened our mouth to make our own the prayers of his Son, the one single sacrifice of Christ is through the Holy Eucharist (and by analogy the offices and all our other prayer devotions) extended in its presence and effects to where we are now, and in fact to all times and all places.


Laurence Paul Hemming, Worship as a Revelation, p. 57


About Father Gregory

I am an Anglican Catholic Priest, currently residing in Orvelte, the Netherlands.
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