In the mean time …

… much has happened. I am no longer the Curate at the parish of the Holy Guardian Angels in Lantana, Florida. My family and I have moved from Florida to Marietta, GA. I am now the Priest in charge at the parish of Our Redeemer in Marietta GA. My wife is also close to having our second child to which we are both very much looking forward. There will likely be another hiatus when the birth has actually happened for obvious reasons. Long silences sometimes indicate that much is happening in the background.

I hope to resume posting regularly, probably not weekly, certainly not daily. I have been working on a separate blog for a while about the Benedictine Office in the Lancelot Andrewes edition, and have contemplated merging this blog into that one. I have not done so, yet, because I am not entirely certain I am really satisfied with blogger. I may just end up merging it to wordpress or perhaps even finding a different place to blog.

For now I will finish the lessons series I started on the Benedictine Office (based on Daniel Lula’s Anglican Breviary course) and decide what to do about the two blogs later.

Those of you still following this blog: thank you for your patience.

Gregory +


About Father Gregory

I am an Anglican Catholic Priest, currently residing in Orvelte, the Netherlands.
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7 Responses to In the mean time …

  1. I would love to visit your other blog. What is the address? I was actually planning on starting an ordo for the LAP diurnal since the only lessons and ordos available on the web is the St. Micheals version. If interestd please follow my blog at thanks and God bless.

  2. Jim Hicks says:

    Glad to see you back. Congratulations on child number two.

  3. May the Good Lord continu to care for you and your wife and impending arrival. Jean and I just celebrated the birth of our 7th grandchild and know how wonderful is the gift of family.
    Your return –in snipits or more extended commentaries– is greatly welcomed! Ron+
    And congratulations on your new assignment…may The Force be with you!

  4. Br. Eric, OCC says:

    Father Gregory,

    You and I used to speak online via blogs when I had “O God, come to my assistance” and I was still Anglican. Anyway, I stumbled back onto your diligent work on the breviary and see that your family has grown. Many blessings.

    ~ Eric

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