Sunday ~ May 27WHITSUNDAY D1, I Cl

NOTE: Ryan caught an error in this Ordo which has been corrected. Whitsunday has III Lessons and not IX.

Matins: Inv. & Hymn C426. III Lessons. I Nocturn, John 14, 15 / St. Gregory the Pope.

Lauds: Ants. C431, Pss. of Sunday. Chapter, Hymn, Ant. on Ben. C432. Collect C432.

Hours: Pss. of Sunday & Propers from Whitsunday.

Vespers: Pss. Vespers 1, Ants. Chap. from Lauds, Hymn & Ant. on Magn. C433, Collect C432.

Compline: of Sunday.

Monday May 28 ~ Octave D1, I Cl

All as on Whitsunday except: C433-C435.

Tuesday May 29 ~ Octave D1

All as on Whitsunday except: C435-C436.

Wednesday May 30 ~ Ember Wednesday sd.

All as on Whitsunday exept: C436-C437 /commem. of St. Felix (Table 4, E209) not commem. at Matins (see Rubric on p. C433).

At Vespers: commem. of St. Joan (Table 12, S38) or instead of St. Joan St. Angela (Table 12, CE209) & St. Felix.

Thursday May 31 ~ Octave sd.

All as on Whitsunday except: C438-C440. Commem. of St, Joan or Angela (Table 12) not commem. at Matins.

At Vespers: commem. of St. Joan or Angela (Table 12).

Friday June 1 ~ Ember Friday

All as on Whitsunday except: C440-C441.

At Vespers: commem. SS Marcelinus, Peter, & Erasmus, B., M.M. s. (Table 4, E210) or Commem. of Martyrs of Lyons (Table 4, S39).

Saturday June 2 ~ Ember Saturday

All as on Whitsunday except: C441.Commem. of Ss. Marcelinus, Peter & Erasmus or Martyrs of Lyons (Table 4).

At Vespers: 1st Vespers of the Feast of the Most Holy Trinity C442.


About Father Gregory

I am an Anglican Catholic Priest, currently residing in Orvelte, the Netherlands.
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6 Responses to Whitsunweek

  1. Ryan says:

    I am admittedly new to the Anglican Breviary, but am a long-time user of the Latin Monasticum Breviarium. I was wondering if you could clarify a few things for me.

    You list the following for Whitsundy:
    Matins: Inv. & Hymn C426. IX Lessons. I Nocturn, John 14, 15 / St. Gregory the Pope.

    From where do the IX lessons come? There are only three for Whitsundy, and no * to break them into nine. If you include St. Gregory, then you total six.

    And why is Gregory (May 25) apparently being translated to a Class I Sunday?

    • Father Gregory says:

      Hi Ryan,

      Good catch !

      That should read III Lessons not IX. The AB does differ from the Breviarium Monasticum but not THAt much 🙂

      I will correct the Ordo. I suppose I should have somebody else proof-read before publishing.

      fr. Gregory +

      • Ryan says:

        I hope that my brevity did not make me seem rude. I am very grateful for this resource. My greatest hurdle so far in figuring out the ordo is Matins. I am used to Matins being either two (on ferias) or three (on Sundays and Doubles) Notcurns. Also, in the Breviarium, the Temporale and Sanctorum seem generally to have meatier specific rubrics.

      • Father Gregory says:

        Dear Ryan,

        Don’t worry you’re fine! No offense taken at all. I am very happy at the interest you show in the Anglican Breviary.

        The Anglican Breviary takes after the Secular (Roman/Sarum/Gallican) Breviary rather than the Monastic (Benedict). So on feria’s it usually has I Nocturn and on doubles/Sundays III (except for some very ancient feasts such as Pentecost when it has only I Nocturn in spite of being a D1 I cl.

    • Father Gregory says:

      Btw St Gregory VII was not listed on the ACC annual Ordo Kalendar. I usually take my cue from that Kalendar rather than the Anglican Breviary’s Universal or Simple Kalendar. Also if in the S-section there is an English Catholic or when the ACC Kalendar has an Anglican saint generally prefer those over the Roman Kalendar (I am after all an Anglican not a Roman Catholic, even if I have absolutely no ill-will towards the Holy See and the ancient Church of Rome).

      • Father Gregory says:

        If St. Augustine of Cantebury is kept as I Class Double (which seems to be the case in the ACC Ordo) he is translated to June 4th. I mistakenly added a commem. of him in the previous week. I am not sure what you mean by St. Gregory VII and the I Class Sunday?

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