Rogations – Praying in the Name of Jesus

Rogation Monday is a Greater unprivileged feria but it does not have scheme 2 at Lauds – scheme 1 is used with the Antiphon for Eastertide. Today, ideally, the Rogation Procession would take place after None followed by the Rogation Mass. The Mass for Sts. Boniface and Pachomius would have been said after Terce. That makes a total of two Masses to be said this day. Neither Mass commemorates the other. The Saints are commemorated at the Office only – the Office itself being that of Rogation Monday.

St. John Keble reminds us that Rogations are about prayer and specifically in the Name of Jesus. To pray in His Name requires more than the mere utterance of the words “through Jesus Christ” or “in Jesus’ Name.” To pray in Jesus’ Name requires that our prayers are conformed to His prayers. This requires that we become ever more like Him. This process of becoming “Christ-like” began with baptism and continues in the other Sacraments of the Church (granted we make use of them) as well as our private devotions (prayer, reading etc.). The more we grow into maturity in Christ, the more our prayers will be in His name because our desires and wills are conformed to the Lord Jesus Christ’s. We pray what we desire and find these prayers answered because they happen to be for our good and that of the salvation of the world! Our prayers have been united – have become synchronized – with those of our Saviour.

To pray in the Name of Jesus is not merely attaching His Name to our desires as we voice them to God. Some of our desires may very well be ill-suited in furthering the ongoing process of our salvation. These prayers are not in the Name of Jesus and are therefore not under the divine guarantee of being  fulfilled so that our joy may be full. Our joy is eternal life in Christ, only those prayers aimed at achieving that goal can be in His Name.

This is what I understood from reading St. John Keble’s homilies for Rogation Sunday, and I believe this was worth sharing.

Fr. Gregory +


About Father Gregory

I am an Anglican Catholic Priest, currently residing in Orvelte, the Netherlands.
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