Ordo Wk Easter V

NOTE: the Ordo is compiled using the annual Anglican Catholic Church Kalendar rather than the Simple or Universal Kalendar

SUNDAY EASTER V or Rogation Sunday, sd.

All as for the Sunday (C380-384).

Matins: III Nocturns (I: St. I Peter, II: Ambrose, III: Augustine).

Lauds: Common Commemoration (Crucifixus surrexit) is said.

Hours: as for the Sunday (Ordinary & Proper of the Season).

Vespers: commem. of St. Boniface (Table 4, Collect “Grant, we beseech thee …” p. E192) & Pachomius (Table 10, Collect from Common 10 ad lib – either 1 or 2 as the celebrant chooses p. F103).

Compline: as for Sunday.

MONDAY ~Rogation Monday unpriviliged Greater Feria

Today (Tuesday and Wednesday as well) the Litany of the Saints is said (without the Penitential Psalms)

Proper of the season p. C384-386

Matins: ferial, w/lessons from St. Luke

Lauds: Scheme 1, Preces & Common Commem. are not said (correction).

Hours: as at Lauds at Prime Dominical Preces are said.

Vespers: ferial Psalter rest as at Lauds.

Compline: of feria.

TUESDAY ~ Rogation Tuesday

As above for Monday except what is Proper p. 386-387.


As above for Monday except what is proper on p. 387-388.


All as on C389-399 w/commemoration of St. Simon Stock S34-35 (Table 9, Collect S34-35).

Friday – Saturday to follow.


About Father Gregory

I am an Anglican Catholic Priest, currently residing in Orvelte, the Netherlands.
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