The Easter Offices


  • Prayer before the Office is said
  • Triple Prayer is also said
  • Alleluia is restored to the Opening Versicles
  • There is no hymn after the Venite
  • Antiphons are proper
  • Only three Psalms are said (one Nocturn)
  • V./R. differ per day in the Octave (p. C326)
  • Te Deum is said throughout Eastertide, including the ferial Office


  • Antiphons are proper
  • Psalms of Sunday
  • No Chapter & hymn
  • An extra Antiphon is said where the Chapter & hymn are usually placed (This is the day …)
  • Closing Versicles w/ Eastertide addition as on p. C328 (throughout the Octave)


  • Intro the Office as usual
  • No hymn
  • No opening Antiphon, but the Psalms are begun immediately as in the Psalter
  • After the Psalms the Ant. This is the day is said as at Lauds
  • Closing Versicles as usual (Alleluia is NOT added)
  • At Prime the Martyrology (for the next day) is resumed


  • As at Lauds above
  • Ant. on Magnificat as given for Vespers p. C328


  • Beginning as usual
  • Psalms are begun without Antiphon
  • Psalms of Sunday
  • After the Psalms is said:Alleluia, allluia, * alleluia, alleluia.
  • No hymn but Nunc Dimittis follows immediately
  • After Nunc Dimittis the Ant. This is the day is said.
  • The rest as is usual
  • REMEMBER the Marian Antiphon is that for Eastertide (since Compline last night) !

Fr. Gregory +


About Father Gregory

I am an Anglican Catholic Priest, currently residing in Orvelte, the Netherlands.
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One Response to The Easter Offices

  1. Jim Hicks says:

    Thank you Father. This is exactly what I need to keep me straight this week!

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