Ordo March

17 Saturday St Patrick B.C.

Double I or II Class in Ireland & Scotland, elsewhere observed as a Double. Matins I Nocturn by Rule 2 (Homily of Feria as last Lesson), at the Hours no Preces, no Common commem. Lauds of scheme 1. At Prime Ps 149 is not said. At Lauds & Vespers commem. of Feria. No notice is taken of the Sabbath Office of Our Lady.

Double feasts have 1 & 2nd vespers and when reduced to commem. they are so commem. at both Vespers.St. Cyrils is therefore commem. at the 1st Vespers and 2nd Vespers for Sunday (Saturday Evening).

18 Sunday IV of Lent I Class sd. III Nocturns. St. Cyril is commem. only at Vespers and Lauds (Table 8) as is St. Edward (Table 5).

It is to be noted that in the Sunday Office Lesson ix is always to be read of the Sunday, and not of any Feast reduced to a Commemoration in the Sunday Office. ~ AB p. xxxvi.

Because a Double is commemorated in the Office no Preces, no Common Commem. either.

19 Monday St. Joseph, Spouse of the BVM and Foster Father of Our Lord, I Class Double. III Nocturns, commem. of Feria at (both) Vespers and at Lauds.

20 Tuesday St. Cuthbert Lesser Double. Matins I Nocturn by Rule 2, Feria is commem. at Matins, Lauds & Vespers.

21 WednesdaySt. Benedict of NursiaAb, Greater Double (or for Benedictines I Class Double, Patronal Feast). Matins III Nocturns, commem. of Feria as above. 

22 Thursday Feria, non-privileged Greater Feria, Preces and Common Commem. are said.

23 Friday Feria, non-privileged Greater Feria, as above.

24 Saturday St. Gabriel Archangel Greater Double. Commem. of Feria at 1 Vespers, matins & Lauds.

Tonight’s Vespers begins Passion Week and from this Vespers onward the propers for Passiontide are in use.

25 Sunday Passion Sunday [ Lady Day is transferred] all as in the Proper of the Season. This Sunday has both 1 and 2nd Vespers so that Lady Day is comemm. at tonight’s Vespers. 

26 Monday Lady Day I Class Double w/ commem. of the Feria. All as in the Proper of the Saints. At tonight’s Vespers a commem. of St. John is added.

27 Tuesday St. John of Damascus, C.D. Lesser Double,  I Nocturn by Rule 2. Commem. of Feria.

28 Wednesday Feria, non-privileged Greater Feria.

29 Thursday Feria, Greater non-privileged Feria.

30 Friday Compassion of the BVM (D19 and following) Greater Double, III Nocturns w/commem. of the Feria.



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I am an Anglican Catholic Priest, currently residing in Orvelte, the Netherlands.
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