Within the Octave


On days in the Octave and on the Octave Day, the Pss. with their Ants are said at all the Hours, and at Matins the Noct. V.V. also, from the occurrent weekday as in the Psalter; the I Noct. Lessons are read from the occurrent Scripture with their R.R. of the Season; the II and III Noct. Lessons are those assigned as proper to each day: but the rest is as on the Feast [of All Saints].

Anglican Breviary p. E505.

Iow All Saints has an Octave and is said on each day of the Octave as indicated above unless it has to give way to a higher feast. In the latter case it is merely commemorated as indicated on p. E506.

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I am an Anglican Catholic Priest, currently residing in Orvelte, the Netherlands.
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