All Souls

After the 2nd Vespers of All Saints the Office for All Souls begins with the Vespers of the Dead (H1 – H8). The office of the Dead is different from the the usual Office of Vespers in several ways as explained below:

Remember ! the Glory to the Father is not said in the Office of the Dead but is replaced with Rest eternal … 

Immediately following the Closing Versicles of the Vespers of the Day begins the Vespers of the Dead as found in section H of the Breviary. The Office of the Dead has propers given on pages E506-7. The entire Office is taken out of the H section of the Breviary (no commemorations are said) with Antiphons doubled  ( ! ) – so that Psalm 146 is not taken – but instead after the Psalmody has been completed in the H – section Our Father and the rest is taken (all kneeling from Our Father until the completion of the Office) as on p. E506-7. The Marian Antiphon is not said in any of the Offices ( ! )

Compline is also taken as given in the Proper of the Saints (E507-8). The usual preparatory devotions and Opening Versicles are not taken but the Office begins immediately with Psalm 123 on p. E508.  All kneel again for the Our Father and the Preces following.

Matins begins with the Triple Prayer and the Venite & Antiphon are said as on p. H8. The Psalms are said as given in section H, Antiphons are doubled and the Lessons are taken from the Proper (E509-511) without Absolutions, Blessings, and Introductions (to the Lessons).

Lauds is said as given in the H – section of the Breviary. Antiphons are doubled,  and the Our Father & Preces are said kneeling. Psalm 130 is not taken ( ! ) but the Office conclusion skips Psalm 130 to From the gates of hell ….  and the Collect as at Vespers (E507).

Prime and the Hours is said as given in the Proper (E512 – and following) without any introduction to the Office but beginning immediately with the Psalms. The Our Father and Preces are said kneeling as in the Proper. The Martyrology is said keeping in mind that Glory  is not said but rather Rest Eternal … The other Hours follow the same pattern as Compline & Prime as given in the Proper.

At Vespers the Office resumes its normal structure. The Office of the Dead does not have a 2nd Vespers.


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I am an Anglican Catholic Priest, currently residing in Orvelte, the Netherlands.
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