First Week of November

NOTE: this Ordo is rather complicated with all the Feast days and their peculiarities. As the week progresses I may discover or be pointed to mistakes in the Ordo and I will revisit this Ordo and add the corrections. Stay tuned 😉

Saturday, October 29

– Vespers all as for the Feast Christ the King (D76-77).

Sunday, October 30, CHRIST THE KING 1 Class d. (excepted Feast)

All as for the Feast (D76-D89)

Vespers: II Vespers of Christ the King w/ commem. of All Saints day.

Detailed Ordo for the Feast.

Monday, October 31, Vigil of All Saints

All as directed on p. E494 for the Vigil.

Vespers: all as for the Feast of All Saints

Compline: of Sunday.

Tuesday, November 1, ALL SAINT DAY (excepted Feast)

All as for the Feast (E495-E506).

See the NOTE at Vespers for All Souls Day for directing the Second Vespers for ALL Saints Day. After the II Vespers there is said the Vespers of the Dead for All Souls Day. There is no commem. in the II Vespers or the Vespers of the Dead. Compline is said as directed on p. E507 ! 

Wednesday, November 2, ALL SOULS DAY, d. (excepted)

All as directed for the Feast (E507-E518). The observation of the Octave begins with the 3d Day of the Octave and not on All Souls Day.

Thursday, November 3, Third Day in the Octave

All is said as for the Feast except what is given as Proper (E518) w/ commem. of St. Winifred (S71) at Matins (using the Legend as the 9th Lesson), I Nocturn Lessons is the beginning of the Book Ezekiel (C645) w/ responds from Table 6.  Lauds using Table 13b, Collect S71, Vespers is of St. Charles Borromeo from the Chapter onwards w/ commem. of Octave (using II Vespers p. E506).Psalms are from Wednesday Vespers. Compline is of Wednesday.

Friday, November 4, St. Charles Borromeo, B.C., d.

All as in the Psalter & Ordinary, ecxept:

Matins: Inv. & Hymn from Common 7. III Lessons, Lessons 1 & 2 are from Ezekiel, 3d Lesson is the Legend of St. Charles Borromeo.

Lauds & Hours: commm. of the Octave (E506).

Vespers: commem. of Sts. Zacharias & Elisabeth using Table 11.

Compline: of Friday.

Saturday, October 5, Sts. Zacharias & Elisabeth, sd.

All as in the Psalter and Ordinary except:

Matins: Inv. & Hymn Common 11. III Lessons. Lessons 1 & 2 from Ezekiel, Lesson 3 are the three Lessons of Nocturn II for the Fifth Day of the Octave. Te Deum.

Lauds: commem. of the Octave.

Vespers: First Vespers for Trinity XX, commem. of Octave.

Compline: of Saturday, no Preces.


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I am an Anglican Catholic Priest, currently residing in Orvelte, the Netherlands.
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2 Responses to First Week of November

  1. Charles Smith says:

    Thank you, Father. Such a great blessing that you have given so much of your personal time to guide us thru the Liturgical year.

    Charles Smith

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