Ordo for Second Week of September

Sunday September 11, Trinity XII, sd.

All from Psalter and Ordinary at all Hours.

Matins: Inv. & Hymn from Psalter & Ordinary. IX Lessons, Nocturns I & II: Lessons C580-82 w/responds from Table 4 (C574-75). Nocturn III: Lessons: from C685-86 w/responds from Table 4. Followed by Te Deum.

Lauds and Hours: Ant. on Ben. & Collect from C686.

Vespers: Ant. on Magn. & Collect from C686 w/commem. of Holy Name of Mary* (E403).

*The editors of this Breviary recommend that the Benedictine usage be followed in this respect, whereby the Sunday Office is preferred to every Feast whatsoever except I and II Class Doubles; and the following Rubrics therefore do not agree with the modern Roman usage in this respect (From the Prefatory Note).

Compline: of Sunday.

Monday September 12, Holy Name of Mary, gd. 

All from Common I of the B.V.M. except:

Matins: IX Lessons Nocturns II & III from E403-5 (w/responds from Common I). Followed by Te Deum.

Lauds and Hours: see Common I.

I Vespers (of The Exaltation): Pss. Vespers 3, Ch., Ants., & Collect from Lauds (E410-11), Hymn from E405. Comemm., of Holy Name of Mary.

Compline: of Sunday.

Tuesday September 13, feria.

All as in Psalter & Ordinary

Wednesday September 14, The Exaltation of the Holy Cross, gd.

All as in the Proper (E405-E411).

Matins: Proper.

Lauds and Hours: Proper.

I Vespers (The Seven Sorrows of the B.V.M.): all as in the Proper E412-413, Collect from Lauds (E422).

Compline: of Sunday.

Thursday September 15, The Seven Sorrows of the B.V.M., d2.

All as in the Proper E412-422.

Matins: Proper

Lauds and Hours: Proper.

II Vespers: all as in the Proper (no commem. of St. Cyprian).

Compline: of Sunday.

Friday September 16, St. Cyprian, B.M., sd.

All from Psalter & Ordinary except:

Matins: (Rule 1) Inv. & Hymn from Common 5. III Lessons, iii Lesson for St. Cyprian (the Lesson begins at the second star * on p. E423), followed by Te Deum.

Lauds and Hours: from chapter of the Feast using Common 5, Collect E423 (“O God,…”).

I Vespers (Stigmata): from Chap., of the Feast of the Stigmata using Common 9, insert proper stanza E424 into the Hymn given in Common 9. V./R. & Ant., on Magn., as in the Proper (E424), Collect from Lauds (E427) w/commem. of St. Cyprian. 

Compline: of Friday.

Saturday September 17, The Holy Stigmata of St. Francis, C., d.

All from Psalter & Ordinary except:

Matins: IX Lessons. Nocturns I & II Lessons from Proper (E424-426) w/responds from Common 9; Nocturn III: Lessons from Common 5 series 2 (F50-51) w/responds from Proper, followed by Te Deum.

Lauds and Hours: from Chap., of the Feast using Common 9, Collect from E427.

Vespers: of Saturday w/ commem. of Stigmata and a commem. of St. Edward Bouverie Pusey using Table 9a, Collect 2 (F95).

Compline: of Saturday.

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I am an Anglican Catholic Priest, currently residing in Orvelte, the Netherlands.
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