How many ?

… of you depend on or would liek to consult a daily Ordo produced by me? It takes considerable time to write them and I need to make sure I am not wasting it in writing things nobody is interested in. My life is getting busy to the point that I can not afford to waste time so I need to know whether or not I need to fit writing Ordo’s in my schedule or not.

Please write in the comments if you would like me to continue to write them.

Thank you very much.

Gregory +


About Father Gregory

I am an Anglican Catholic Priest, currently residing in Orvelte, the Netherlands.
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8 Responses to How many ?

  1. Sounds very interesting.

  2. David says:

    I have been wanting something to print and carry for ages. may God bless your upcoming work!

  3. Scott Knitter says:

    The ordo is much appreciated and often used by me.

  4. Dillon says:

    I use your ordo every time I use the AB, but I don’t end up using the AB as often as I’d like. So while I do very much appreciate your ordo, I can live if you decide to focus on other priorities as well.

  5. Br Raymond CoS CAM says:

    Yes, please.Your contribution is most valuable.

  6. Dwight says:

    I find it extremely helpful, though I must confess I fail to recite daily.

  7. Charles Smith says:

    This some of the finest work I have seen. I would very much appreciatenyour continued work. This greatly helps my worship because I do not have my own priestnto consult and manynpriests are not familiar with the Ordovician.w

  8. john sanders says:

    Fr. Gregory,

    Please continue. I am a recent subscriber and have found them very helpful.

    John Sanders

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