Ordo March 9 to 12

Wednesday March 9

The First Day of Lent commonly called Ash Wednesday Privileged Feria of I Class

The complete Lenten Propers do not begin until the office of Quadragesima Sunday (the Sunday of next week), so that the office is said as it was said in the Pre-Lenten office until – and including – None of Saturday before Quadragesima Sunday. Preces are said at all Hours because the days of Lent are Greater Ferias.

Matins: one Nocturn, all from feria except what is given as proper (p. C203-204).

Lauds: all from the Psalter except what is proper on p. C204-205.

At the Hours: Psalms & Antiphons of the feria.

Vespers: all from the Psalter except what is given as proper on p. C205. Comm., of following from Table 6a with the Collect from Proper of the Saints.

Compline: of the feria.

Thursday March 10

Forty Holy Martyrs, Semidouble

Matins: one Nocturn & Lessons according to Rule 2 (p. xli – xlii). Lesson i: 1st Lesson from Common 6 + Respond, Lesson ii: Legend (E112), Lesson iii: Gospel & Homilie C205-206.

Lauds: Psalms & Antiphons from the Psalter – from Chapter onward of Common 6. Collect from Proper of the Saints. Comm., of feria (Ant., on Ben., C206, V./R. B112, Collect: C206).

To commemorate the feria: Antiphon from Proper of the Season, V./R. from Psalter, Collect from Proper of the Season). This goes for both Lauds and Vespers!

At the Hours: Psalms & Antiphons from the Psalter, Collect from Proper.

2 Vespers: of 40 Holy Martyrs. All as in the Psalter, from Chapter onward Common 6. Comm., of feria.

On Double Feasts the Preces are not said!

Compline: of the feria.

Friday March 11

Because today is a Greater Feria the Preces are said at all Hours!

Matins: of the feria, one Nocturn (Gospel + Homilies).

Lauds: of Lauds 2, Ant., on Ben. & Collect from C209.

At the Hours: all from the Psalter.

Vespers: of Pope Gregory the Great: Pss., of Vespers 3, Ant. & Chapter as at Lauds, Hymn as at Matins & Ant., on Magn., from Common 8 for a Doctor – the rest as given as Proper (E113).

Saturday March 12

Pope Gregory the Great, Double

Matins: Inv. & Hymn from Proper, three Nocturns (I: Scripture Common 8, II: Proper E113-114, III: Proper E114-115 – Lesson ix of the feria (C207). Te Deum.

Lauds: all as in the Proper (E115), Comm., of the feria.

At the Hours: Psalms of Sunday & Antiphons of Proper, Collect from Proper.

Vespers: of the feria (because this is the first Vespers of Sunday), Comm., of Pope Gregory using Table 8c.

Compline: of the feria.


About Father Gregory

I am an Anglican Catholic Priest, currently residing in Orvelte, the Netherlands.
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