CORRECTED Ordo March 4-5

Friday March 4

Matins: I Noctturn (Genesis)

Lauds 2: No Preces.

Little Hours & Compline: Prime has Dominical Preces, Terce, Sext & None no Preces, Compline Preces are said.

Vespers: No Preces.

Saturday March 5

On this Saturday the Offic of Our Lady on the Sabbath could be kept according to the directions given beginning on p. G1. I do not personally do this, but I keep the ferial Saturday instead because the Office of Our lady would otherwise override the ferial Saturday Office each time it could be said.

Matins: I Nocturn (Genesis)

Lauds 2: no Preces.

Little Hours & Compline: Prime: Dominical Preces, Terce, Sext & None: no Preces, Compline Preces.

Vespers: of the Saturday (I Vespers of Quinquagesima Sunday) with commemoration of the Feast of Sts. Perpetua & Felicity (Table 6a, Collect p. E108-109). No Preces, no Common Commemoration (the latter are never said when a Double feast is celebrated or commemorated).


About Father Gregory

I am an Anglican Catholic Priest, currently residing in Orvelte, the Netherlands.
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2 Responses to CORRECTED Ordo March 4-5

  1. Jim Hicks says:

    Normally I do the Office of Our Lady on the Sabbath whenever permitted. But I decided to follow your lead today as we are leading into Lent.

    • fathergregory says:

      Dear Jim,

      Keeping Saturday as dedicated to Our Lady is of course perfectly consistent with the Anglican Breviary. I have thought about what to do with the Office of Our Lady for quite a bit and have finally decided that the Saturday Office of Our Lady fits better with following the Universal Kalendar rather than the Simple Kalendar.

      May you have a blessed lent!

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