Ordo February 24th to 26th


Since last Saturday (Alleluia Saturday) the Alleluia in the Opening Versicles is replaced with To Thee O Lord all honour be, King of endless majesty. See Common Forms p. A2-3 for more on this rubrical change.

Thursday February 24


All as given in the Proper of the Season p. E104-5. Please notice that the Proper will refer to Common 2 where it does not give anything as proper and not to the Psalter. In such cases the Psalter is only used if an exception is noted in the relevant Proper or Common.

Matins: 3 Nocturns :

I Nocturn ~ Acts from Proper

II Nocturn ~ Augustine from Common 2 series 2 (see the note on p. E105)

III Nocturn ~ Augustine from Common 10 series 2 (see the note on P. E105)

Lauds 1: from Sunday. Here the Common refers to the Psalter  (p. F18) and therefore reference must now be had to the Psalter. This is the exception mentioned above.

Little Hours: of Sunday using the Antiphons from Common 2. Prime 1.

Vespers: II Vespers of the Feast from Common 2.

Friday February 25

All as in the Psalter and Proper of the Season (which means you need to consult the Proper of the Season fir this day to see if there are any propers to be used, and if not follow the directions in the Psalter, if there are propers replace the ones given in the Psalter for those given as proper). The Feasts of St. Ethelbert (p. S19) and/or St. Walburga are optional.

Matins: I Nocturn (Genesis).

Lauds, Little Hours & Vespers: Lauds 2, Preces at all hours, Collect from previous Sunday.

Saturday February 26

To follow BCP Use keep the Feria: All as in the Psalter and Proper of the Season. To keep The Office of Our Lady on the Sabbath follow the instructions given on page G1 and further, or alternatively (Franciscans), the instructions given on p. G8 and further.

Matins: I Nocturn (Genesis)

Lauds & Little Hours: Lauds 2, Preces at all Hours, Collect from previous Sunday.

Vespers: as in the Psalter for Saturday, Preces are said Collect from next Sunday.


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I am an Anglican Catholic Priest, currently residing in Orvelte, the Netherlands.
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