Rubrics V

V Concerning Feasts of Dedication and other Feasts of Particular Places 

1. The Feast of dedication of any Church is always primary, and a Feast of our Lord. (See Rubric III, 2)

2. The anniversary of the dedication of the Cathedral Church, and the titular Feast of the same, are to be celebrated under the rite of a I Class Double, with an Octave throughout the whole Diocese by all the secular clergy, and by all religious as well unless they have a Kalendar peculiar to their institute; but all the Regulars of both sexes living in the same Diocese, if they have a proper Kalendar, celebrate the said Feast as I Class double, without an Octave unless the Octave have to be celebrated for some other reason.

3. The Feasts of the principal Patrons of the town or city, Diocese, Province, and Country, are to be celebrated by Seculars and Regulars living there and following the Diocesan Kalendar, under the rite of a I Class double, with an Octave; and the regulars living there must and following their own Kalendar must celebrate the same Feasts, even if they have never been kept as Holy Days of Obligation, with the same rite, but without an Octave unless, likewise, an Octave is due to the said Feast for some other reason.

4. Regarding the complicated problem as to what is to be done in the case of the Feast of a Patron whose Feast as given in the Kalendar is kept as of himself and one or more other Saints, reference must be made to the works of Rubricists who deal with the matter. (In illustration: in the case of SS. Phillip and James, App., whose Feast is May 1st, how is the Feast to be kept in places where St. Phillip is the Patron?)


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