Saying the Office (ii)

I have previously addressed the fact I do not follow the Rubrics in the AB completely. I take guidance from the Benedictine Office and use it to supplement the Office of the AB. In  sense you might say that I use the AB as if it were a Benedictine Office book. The Daily Office therefore looks like this:


  • Prayer before the Office, Dual Prayer, and the Opening Versicles
  • Psalms & Antiphons
  • Little Chapter
  • Hymn with V. and R.
  • Gospel Canticle & Antiphon
  • Our Father Sequence
  • Preces
  • Collect of the Day
  • Commemorations
  • Closing Versicles, final Our Father, Prayer after the Office

A Festal Vespers – either 1st or 2nd –  will still exclude the Preces, but any Vespers always includes the “Our Father sequence.” So that when the Preces are taken, so is the “Our Father sequence” also. There are no exceptions. I follow the distribution of the Psalter as in the AB (hence 5 Psalms not 4 etc. ).


  • Prayer before the Office, Blessing, Br. Lesson, the Confiteor sequence
  • Opening Versicles
  • Psalms & Antiphons
  • Hymn
  • Little Chapter
  • Brief Responds
  • Gospel Canticle & Antiphon
  • Our Father sequence
  • Preces
  • Collect of the Office
  • Closing Versicles, Benediction
  • Marian Antiphon
  • Triple Prayer, Prayer after the Office

Compline is said as indicated in the AB Rubrics, with just one difference: the “our Father sequence” is again always taken. This pattern is repeated for Lauds, Prime and Little Hours. There are some differences in the Office of Matins which I will note in a seperate post.

Fr. Gregory Wassen+


About Father Gregory

I am an Anglican Catholic Priest, currently residing in Orvelte, the Netherlands.
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