The Greater and Lesser Litanies

On St. Mark the Evangelist’s Day, or on Easter Tuesday when St. Mark’s Day occurs on Easterday, the Station was at St. Peter’s and on the Lesser Litanies before Ascension Day, the Stations were; on Rogation Monday at St. Mary Major’s; on Tuesday at St. John Lateran’s; on Wednesday at St. Peter’s.

The observance of the Rogation or Greater and Lesser Litany Days (i.e., April 25th or St. Mark’s Day and the other three Rogation Days) was of prime importance to the Church when all understood, as few do today, that human sustenance must be wrung from the earth itself by the labour of man, and that it is accomplished only by God’s blessing on man’s labours (which are thus recognized as ordained by God to be carried out according to his law of justice). The Latin Rubrics reflect this concern that the “Rogation liturgy” (which is an entity in itself, consisting of a processional Litany, with blessings of the fields, followed by the penitential Mass of the Rogations, and of necessity celebrated in addition to the Office and Mass of the day) should be maintained in its fulness or, if this be impossible, should be carried out as far as may be.

From The People’s Anglican Missal, p. C22.


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I am an Anglican Catholic Priest, currently residing in Orvelte, the Netherlands.
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