The Simple Kalendar ~ May 2010

The Month of MAY in the Western Tradition


The Month of the Blessed Virgin

b 1 SS PHILIP & JAMES, APP., d.2.

c 2 IV SUNDAY after EASTER sd. St. Athanasius, B.C, D., d.

d 3 Invention of the Holy Cross d.2.

e 4 St. Monica, W., d.

f 5 Wednesday, Feria.

g 6 St. John before the Latin Gate, gd.

A 7 Friday, Feria.

b 8 Saturday, Feria.

c 9 V SUNDAY after EASTER, sd, St. Gregory Nazianzus, B. C. D., d.

d 10 Rogation Monday

e 11 Rogation Tuesday

f 12 Rogation Wednesday, Vigil of the Ascension (Commem.).

g 13 ASCENSION OF OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST, d1, priviliged Octave.

A 14 St. Boniface, M., d, Commem., of the Octave, sd.

b 15 Octave of the Ascension (Day III), St. Pachomius, Ab. (m).

c 16 SUNDAY within the ASCENSION OCTAVE, sd,

d 17 Octave of the Ascension (day V), sd.

e 18 Octave of the Ascension (Day VI), sd.

f 19 St. Dunstan of Canterbury d. Commem. of the Octave of the  Ascension, sd.

g 20 Octave Day of the Ascension, gd.

A 21 Friday after the Ascension, Feria.

b 22 VIGIL OF PENTECOST, sd., I class.

c 23 THE SUNDAY of PENTECOST or WHITSUNDAY, d1, priv., Octave

d 24 Monday in the Whitsun Octave, d1

e 25 Tuesday in the Whitsun Octave, d1.

f 26 Ember Wednesday in Pentecost, sd., St. Augustine of Canterbury, d.

g 27 Thursday in the Whitsun Octave, sd. Commem., of St. Bede the Venerable, d.

A 28 Ember Friday in Pentecost, sd.

b 29 Ember Saturday in Pentecost, sd.


d 31 Monday after Trinity Sunday, sd.


About Father Gregory

I am an Anglican Catholic Priest, currently residing in Orvelte, the Netherlands.
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