The skeleton of the Office of Lauds can be found in The Ordinary of the Divine Office (A1-A10). (A20-A26) and Common Forms.


Prayer before Office

Dual Prayer:

– Our Father

– Hail Mary

Opening Versicles

Psalms with Antiphons

of Lauds 1


of Lauds 2


according to Feast

Little Chapter

according to Feast or Season


according to Feast or Season

Benedictus and Antiphon

Antiphon according to Feast or Season

The Preces

often omitted

The Collect

according to Feast or Season

The Commemorations

of Feasts or Feria

of the Saints or Cross

The Closing Versicles

Our Father

Marian Antiphon

Prayer After Office

Dual Prayer

– Our Father

– Hail Mary

1. At Lauds when the Hymn Te  Deum or the last Responsory has been said, immediately the Officiant says: O God make speed with Glory be to the Father, and the rest as in Common Forms (A2-A3).The Psalms are said and the Canticle Benedicite, or another, as given in the ferial Office outside of Eastertide, with the Antiphons appropriate to the Office. Which Psalms and Antiphon are said of Sunday, as in the Psalter, on Sundays throughout the year (except the Sundays from Septuagesima to Palm Sunday inclusive) and in the ferial Office in Eastertide, and on Feasts whether of nine or three Lessons. But on the aforesaid Sundays from Septuagesima to Palm Sunday inclusive, they are said as given in their own places. In the ferial Office throughout the year, outside of Eastertide, they are said as in the Psalter.

2. The Antiphons on Sundays, when proper ones are not assigned, are said as in the Psalter. On feasts of nine and three Lessons, if there are none proper, they are said from the Common. After the Psalms are said the Chapter, Hymn, Verse, Antiphon on the Canticle Benedictus, with the same Canticle, and the Collect: all according to the  quality of the Office, from the Season, or the Feast.

3. The Prayers [Preces], when they are to be said, are said before the first Collect, but the Comemmorations of the Cross, or the Saints, likewise when they are to be said, are said after the Collect; unless a commemoration of a Simple Feast occur, which always precedes the aforesaid commemorations, which are spoken of in their own rubrics.

4. Before the Collect is said The Lord be with you, and Let us pray; after the last Collect is repeated The Lord be with you; then Let us bless the Lord, and the Verse May the Souls, Our Father, The Lord give us His Peace, and the Antiphon of Blessed Mary, as given in the Common Forms, if the Choir is to be left then: otherwise at the end of the last Hour, unless Mass follow or the Office of the Dead, or the Penitential Psalms, or the Litany, as will be said in their own Rubrics.


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  1. Jim Hicks says:

    Will there be any more Ordo Calendars?

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