Rubrics II

II. Concerning the Integration of the Office of the Saints with the Office of the season

On most Feasts the essential parts of the Office are taken from the Season, and only the accidental parts of the Office are of the Feast, but from this general rule some Feasts are excepted.

1. From the foregoing general rule, are excepted all Doubles of our Lord, our Lady, the holy Angels, SS, John Baptist and Joseph, the holy Apostles and Evangelists; also all I and II Class Doubles of other Saints; also the Vigils of Epiphany and Pentecost, priviliged Octaves with their Sundays, the Friday after the Ascension, and the three days next after Trinity Sunday when their Office is said as of the Holy Trinity. On all the aforesaid Holy Days the Office is recited as designated in their respective Propers, thus: – at Vespers and Matins the Psalms are those indicated in their respective Proper or Common, but at the other Hours they are said as in the Psalter as for Sundays and Feasts, and with them are used the Antiphons, and at Matins the Nocturn Versicles also, from the appropriate Proper or Common.

In addition to the foregoing Holy Days the following Solemnities are also excepted: The Vigil of Christmas, the Commeoration of All the Faithful Departed, and the last three Days of Holy Week, when as on excepted Feasts, the Office is said as designated in their respective Propers.

As to the Matin Lessons and their Responses for all the aforesaid days, they also, like the rest of the Office, are said from their respective Proper or Common, so that both the essential and accidental parts of the Office are of the Holy Day or Feast.

2. In addition to the foregoing Offices which are entirely excepted from the ordinary rule, there are also some which are partially excepted thereforem, thus: – whenever five proper Antiphons are given for use at Vespers and Lauds; likewise, if at Matins proper Antiphons are given and Nocturn Versicles, with these are used the appropriate Psalms, and if Lessons from Scripture are given, they are read in place of the occurent Scripture, with Responses proper or from the Common, or if special Responses only are given, then the Lessons are supplied from the appropriate Common; but otherwise the Office of these partially excepted Feasts is said as on non-excepted Feasts.

3. On all Feasts not excepted above the Psalms with their Antiphons, and at Matins the Nocturn Versicles also, are said as in the Psalter for the occurent weekday; at Matins the occurent Scripture is read, with its Responses; but the rest of the Office is that which is appropriate for the Feast. However, it should be noted that at Lauds scheme 1, and on Wednesday at Matins scheme 1 of the III Nocturn, are chosen, and not scheme 2; furthermore the Antiphons and Nocturn Versicles given for use on ordinary Ferias in and out of Eastertide are chosen, and not those for the Ferias of Advent, Lent and Passiontide.

4. On the aforesaid excepted and partially excepted Feasts or Holy Days, and also on all Feasts which have proper Responses, and in any Offices which likewise have proper Lessons or which occur on Ferias having no Lessons whatever from Scripture, both the Lessons and the Responses are taken from the Common, according to the Rubrics; in priviliged Octaves, however, the Responses are taken from the Feast, if there be no proper ones for the Octave itself.

5. But the rules as to Scripture Lessons given in the foregoing paragraphs are conditioned by this proviso: The reading of the Scripture at Matins is always subject to special Rubrics given in their proper places, and in particular to Rubric IX below, Concerning the Reassignment of impeded Scripture and its Responsories.

6. In all Offices of simple Rite, the Psalms at Matins, which are arranged in the Psalter in three Nocturns, are said without interruption, with their nine Antiphons out of Eastertide, or in Eastertide under one Antiphon only, up to the third Nocturn Versicle inclusive, the first and second nocturn Versicles being omitted.


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