Note on the Sacred Triduum

From the Anglican Breviary p. C288. This note should be read carefully before beginning the Office of Maundy Thursday.

On this and the two days follwoing, nowhere in the Divine Office is there said any of the following accustomed formularies: The Opening Versicles; the Invit. with Ps. 95; Hymns; Glory be to the Father, etc.; Br. Chapters and R.R.; the Salutation and Let us pray; or the Closing Versicles. Certain other peculiarities are noted in the Office itself. And this method of saying Office is used through None of Holy Saturday, but with Vespers of that day the Eastertide Office begins.

At Matins the Triple Prayer is said inaudibly, as usual, after which the Office is begun immediately with its first Ant. And at the end of each Psalm at both Matins and Lauds there is extinguished one of the fifteen candles of the triangular candlestick (which same is placed at the Epistle side of the Altar): and during the Canticle Benedictus at Lauds the six candles on the Altar are put out (one at every other verse); and meanwhile all lights are extinguished, so that all is in darkness for the recitation of Ps. 51. Miserere mei, etc.; and the rest of the ceremonial is indicated below.

If Matins and Lauds must be separated, at the end of Matins is said the Collect (without Let us pray); in which case the Dual Prayer is said before Lauds, which same is begun without the Opening Versicles; and this same order is followed at the other Hours, save that before Prime the Triple Prayer is said as usual.

In places where the Office is recited on one note, it is customary to lower the voice one tone at the end of each Psalm or division of the Office, and the Ps. Miserere is always said in a low tone.

[For the benefit of those places where it is necessary to keep the Office to the length it normally has throughout the year, Matins of Maundy Thursday and Good Friday (which are somewhat longer than usual) are annotated in certain Psalms, thus: (Here the Ps. is divided:) which is meant to indicate that, after the precedent of its recitation in the course of the week, as in the Psalter, here a division is made, and the remainder treated as another Psalm, which same in Matins of Holy Week may be omitted, provided that this shortening of the Office be done with dispensation from the proper authority.)


About Father Gregory

I am an Anglican Catholic Priest, currently residing in Orvelte, the Netherlands.
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  2. Michael Northup says:

    Thank you, Fr. Gregory, for your work on this site for the use of the AB. I look forward to each new post.

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